A message from your higher self

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A message from your higher self

Unconditional love, the ego, fear, pain and the truth

This message was received through channeling for a brilliant young lady, a millennial, who has started and will continue making a positive change in this world with her presence and with her writing which she is not yet ready to share with the world. But she will. She definitely will…

I asked her permission to share part of her session and changed her name because this message was not only addressed to her. It was addressed to all of us. Some of us already know, others might be ready to hear it now or later and some may not hear it in this lifetime…

Here it is:

Higher self: I feel unconditional love in your heart that fills your whole being but at the same time I feel a blockage in your throat chakra. Like there’s all this love in the heart area that is so warm. It almost tingles but it’s like a pleasant tingling feeling. But then, there’s all this tension in the throat, that is, in your throat. I almost have difficulty speaking. It’s as if something is squeezing my throat; as if something is choking me. It’s overwhelming because, it’s love, but it’s oppressing because it cannot express itself. That’s because your throat chakra is completely Blocked. It’s as if it’s you who is blocking your throat chakra. All this love that is coming from your heart can’t be expressed because the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, which is the chakra of expression, of creativity, of communication is completely blocked. It almost hurts. There’s a lot of repressed crying and tears that can’t express themselves but there are also tears of unconditional love. There are tears because this unconditional love can’t be expressed or can’t be felt by everyone in the world. It’s as if you want to express your unconditional love and put it out there in the world and at the same time you feel like crying because not everyone can experience it; because many people cannot see it, let alone feel it. It almost hurts because it’s as if you are saying “even if I express it, even if I let it express itself through my communication skills, people won’t get it so there’s no use in me expressing my unconditional love or putting it out there because they are not going to listen and they are not going to feel it”. So, there is this sadness in you because others cannot feel what you are feeling which is what is blocking you from expressing it. Talking about it makes you feel a little better but there’s still so much pressure in the throat chakra. And I bet you haven’t been writing. I bet you haven’t been journaling.

Jane: No. I can’t do automatic writing. It’s been so hard… I’ve been writing about other stuff but I can’t let myself go. I just can’t let the spirit guide me. It’s been really hard to write.

Higher self: It’s hard to write because you are afraid to admit the truth. You journaled some time ago, truths came out and that hurt so badly that YOU blocked it. You blocked it because the truth was too much for you to bear. And you blocked it because right now you are not ready for more truths. You’d rather live in a lie because you don’t feel strong enough to handle the truth. So, it’s not blocked; YOU are blocking it. We are not telling you off. We are just telling you that YOU are blocking it. You are not ready. It’s just too much. The love is too much. The love within you is too much and the absence of love in the world and in others is too much for you to bear too. And, it’s not necessarily true that there’s no love in others. But we have to tell you that this lack of love that you see in your boss, that you also see in your boyfriend… what you see is not necessarily true. The fact that you see certain things doesn’t mean that love isn’t there. It doesn’t mean that they don’t feel it or that they don’t have it. Maybe they are not expressing it the way you think it should be expressed. Maybe they are not expressing it at all. Maybe they are caught up in other things. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t have it in them as much as you have it in you. So, there’s a lot of judging. There’s a lot of judging on your part. You are in a mode of judging others right now. There’s a lot of judgment which is blocking the love that is there. Maybe it’s all this judging that blocks the throat chakra but the throat chakra is still blocked. There’s a lot of judgment… little or no acceptance… little or no compassion… which is such a contrast because unconditional love and compassion go hand in hand… But with your throat chakra blocked, you are blocking your unconditional love so there’s no compassion… Maybe that’s why you were afraid. Now I can feel the fear dissipating. You were afraid to write automatically because you felt the lack of compassion in you. At some point your unconditional love became too much for you especially because it you couldn’t see it. I mean, unconditional love is your essence. It’s your soul but there’s also your human you. There’s also your ego… there’s also your mind. The ego is not necessarily a bad thing but the ego can block many things. So, although unconditional love is within you, and it’s so plentiful, your ego needs to see this reciprocation. Your ego wants to see it. It wants proof of this unconditional love in others. So, because you don’t see that proof, you block yours. My throat chakra started feeling less blocked, so have compassion… This is just advice, it’s not telling off but… 

… don’t be so susceptible to others; to what others say. Don’t be susceptible to gurus or healers… YOU know! YOU know best! And, just because a guru said so, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you… or it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you now… You have to hear yourself more. Trust yourself more than you trust gurus… Don’t give your power away to others. YOU know the answers! You know whether it’s the right time or whether it’s not the right time. All the answers are within you but you just don’t want to see them. It’s as if you don’t want this responsibility. You don’t want… this responsibility… that’s all. Someone else should decide for you because deciding for yourself is too hard. It’s hard to decide because, if you decide, it’s on you. But it’s always on you. Because even if a guru told you so, it’s YOU who decided to do it so you can’t pin it on the guru. YOU know. You know EVERYTHING. You know it and you feel it. And your fear is not letting you see. It’s fear of the suffering. You fear that the truth will make you suffer but it’s the fear that’s telling you that. It’s an illusion because the truth will liberate you. And the more you are hiding from the truth or the more you hide the truth, the more fear you will feel. You have all the answers within you… and you know the TRUTH. Don’t be afraid to see the truth. Yes, it might hurt but what will hurt is your ego… your ego will hurt… But you are not your ego! You are unconditional love! And when you accept your ego, when you accept that your ego can get hurt and it’s ok, then maybe, maybe, you will be able to face the truth. Don’t blame yourself that your ego is too strong or that your ego is too powerful. Don’t blame yourself for that. Your ego is there to protect you. Your ego has been there and has been protecting you. And you are who you are thanks to your ego. You have survived thanks to your ego and you will use your ego again so as to survive. Just don’t let your ego be the master. Don’t let the ego decide. Just observe it. Can you observe the ego and the pain? If you can observe the pain the ego is feeling instead of feeling the pain yourself, you will be able to unleash your unconditional love and this unconditional love will heal the pain of your ego…

You are not your ego…

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Comments (2)

  1. Vivarama

    So powerful! I’m glad your client was keen to share this amazing channeling. I feel like I’m reading “Dying to Be me” by Anita Moorjani. The message is so simple, yet, we just forget and overcomplicate it.

  2. So true! We don’t have to learn anything new. We just need to remember…

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