How to stop feeling easily offended

Self-awareness, acceptance and healing Socrates’ advice Some time ago, I wrote …

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Self-awareness in Relationships

Why mindfulness is essential in relationships As we have seen so …

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Self-awareness – Part 2

Untreated trauma Self-awareness and personal growth Self-awareness does not only help …

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Self-awareness – Part 1

Emotional triggers Self-awareness and the perception of the world around us …

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A source of inspiration

This week I’m back with the story of a person that …

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“The mother’s heart” – A gruesome fairytale with pernicious consequences

Today’s topic is not for the faint of heart. It can …

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How cancer gave me a new lease on life

Back on the (blog writing) saddle I need to start by …

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Difficult choices and how to make them

Seeking Inner Peace in an ever demanding, 3D world. Last night …

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Aisha’s testimony

How openness to a different culture can result to a “blooming” …

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Jane’s happy song

Who is Jane? Jane is a brave 18 year old girl …

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Amandine’s story

The illusion of control and the power of faith in life …

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What do you do to numb the emotional pain? What is your “pain killer” of choice?

Are you aware of the fact that you “self-medicate”? My emotional …

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