Difficult choices and how to make them

Seeking Inner Peace in an ever demanding, 3D world. Last night …

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“What will people say?”

How does one overcome the worry or even worse stress about …

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Effective communication – The number 1 rule for effectively communicating complaints

Effective communication is a skill and anyone can learn to communicate …

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How to let go of expectations

Expectations can be a cause of anger, frustration and disappointment. Learn …

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The “death” of expectations and the “birth” of unconditional love

How life coaching can lead to (spiritual) awakening Today’s blog is …

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Do you feel the need to help others? Here are the 5 steps for effectively doing so

Often a time, friends or relatives call or meet us to …

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The four steps to successful and permanent behavioral change

Some time ago, an amazing and very courageous young woman and …

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Why you need a life coach

When you reach a point in life when change is necessary …

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What is our anger trying to tell us?

Almost a year ago I wrote an article on anger and …

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“Toxic” people and “protection” – 3

How can we protect ourselves against toxic people and toxicity altogether? …

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“Toxic” people and “protection” – 2

Click here and watch my second video (out of three) for …

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“Toxic” people and protection – Video 1

Click here and watch the first video of the series. Don’t …

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