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Jane’s happy song

Who is Jane? Jane is a brave 18 year old girl …

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Amandine’s story

The illusion of control and the power of faith in life …

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Overthinking, imaginary dialogues and the jack

This week I come back with a story that illustrates an …

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Imaginary dead-ends, the law of endless possibilities and the “What happens next?” method

Often a time, people find themselves in very unpleasant, sometimes dangerous …

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Do not doubt your worth!

Today what I have for you is a story I read …

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The zen monk and the scorpion

Often a time we hear, read, think or feel that being …

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“Is that so?” a.k.a. “The zen monk and the baby”

This week I’m back with yet another story. It took me …

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Socrates’ secret on how to remain impervious to insults and malicious comments

By now, you will have figured out that I love stories. …

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King with ring

“This too shall pass” – A story about the ephemeral

This week I am back with another story that illustrates how …

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Whatever happens (to you) is for your own good

How many people (myself included at times) feel sad, angry or …

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The two monks and the woman by the river

Observing myself and the people around me, I have come to …

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“The old man at the train station” – A story about projection

Projection is a form of defense in which unwanted feelings are …

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