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Credited Reiki Trainings

Reiki trainings take a whole weekend. There are between 6 and 10 participants. We start on Saturday morning at 9:30 and we finish on Sunday afternoon at 17:30. There is a long break for lunch and two short ones for tea/coffee which we spend together.

We bond and we find out a lot about ourselves and about each other.

It’s more than your typical Reiki training. The goal is not to just learn how to practice Reiki on ourselves and on other people but it also entails a deep transformation.

Listen to Reiki master and teacher Evdoxia explain different levels of reiki training and how the trainings are conducted.

From theoretical knowledge and history to practical personal transformation, Reiki training will benefit students who are ready to heal themselves and others.

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We learn the theory and the techniques for each level with lots of hands on practice which is what a Reiki practitioner basically needs but we also go as far as to delve into ourselves, discover who we are at that particular point in our spiritual journey and we learn to accept ourselves and others.

We learn how to work on continually improving ourselves using the 5 Ideals of Reiki. We learn and practice acceptance, tolerance, compassion, gratitude through different types of meditation and other techniques that promote self-awareness.

Public Interview and Other Events

Watch Evdoxia's interview with Feroshia Knight, the founder of Coaching Training World.

Key segments in the discussion include:

7:00 – What Evdoxia channels to help her clients achieve holistic, sustainable outcomes

9:53 – Evdoxia’s key to a life that is truly magnificent

11:18 – Evdoxia’s ‘coming out’ moment where she left behind her previous role in favor of her life’s true calling (“I was reborn.”)

Read the complete article here.

Evdoxia holds a number of selected workshops and talks in various countries on demand.

She prepares the materials for each specific audience, and is willing to travel with expenses covered.

Her knowledge, techniques and experiences have touched many, who eventually become her clients, students and certified energy healers.

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Last but not least, Evdoxia is always looking for new ways to help more people.

For example, she has created a workshop called "Reiki for Children", where children can learn the basic principles of Reiki and practice self-healing.

Contents Interested in learning more about what's new, or have any ideas? Contact Evdoxia here.

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