Carmen's testimonial

Ifigenia V

Operations manager

For a long time, I wanted to write my testimony about Evina’s method. I was in a hurry because I was not sure how my understanding would affect those who are now reading these few words. What I finally have to say is that Evina has the way to help all the different personalities because she really just loves to really help all who ask her. She has a unique way to make you feel comfortable with her and to express yourself freely. I’m only moved when I think about the difficult situation I experienced when she proposed me to help me and how now my look and the perception of reality has made me a different person that it has made me love myself and free myself from all these weights I was carrying in my suitcase on the journey of my life. Having the experience of personal coaching, chaneling and reiki, I can recommend Evina unreservedly to all of you. Evina is now for me the person I can trust to take my hand and give me the joy and happiness of life with just one touch. Thank you very much for everything you offered me and you continue to offer me generously ever.

Ollivier A

Logistics expert

I met Evina through a girlfriend. I faced a big hard blow like a tsunami and Evina knew how to transmit to me the courage, the confidence and to mitigate my pain and my suffering by her positive energiy and her benevolence. I am moving forward and seeing that life is beautiful. Thank you Evina for your skills and kindness, for allowing me to resume my journey more serenely. Obrigado Evina.

Marie G.

By accumulating stress and forcing myself to live a rhythm that was not mine, my body was in pain. I knew deep inside me that this way of life did not correspond to me, but I still continued …. until I developed an autoimmune disease that nailed me long days and long nights on my couch! there I had to stop! Thanks to Evina (and to my oldest daughter who put me in touch with her) I recovered a lot of energy. Thank you Evina for this precious help and here is a thank you gift; this little text which is the foreword of a book by Raphaëlle Giordano “I dream that everyone can appreciate their talents and the responsibility of their happiness, because nothing is more important than living a life worthy of their childhood dreams” Beautiful route to Gabon Evina

Denise J.


Evdoxia has that rare combination of compassion and goal setting for her client. She is present as she listens with her heart and mind continuing to stay centered in moving towards an objective for a person to create their plan. i found space and safety with Evdoxia. She is a wise woman beyond her years.

Audrey C.


There is no such thing as a coincidence in life, and my meeting with Evina was written in the stars. I went to a first session of Reiki out of curiosity and on the advice of a friend. I admit to being surprised by the effects that made question the things I beleved in the past!! So I went back to see Evina to continue the treatment. And thanks to her and her accompaniment I was able to solve long-standing problems. I strongly recommend Evina because she is a benevolent and competent therapist, which is rare! One thing is certain, Evina allowed me to answer many questions with awareness and naturally. Finally, in addition to a therapist, she became a rare friend despite the distance that separates us geographically.

Laurianne B.

construction supervisor

I must admit that I do not remember how I met Evina anymore. On the other hand, I remember having arrived at her practice on the edge of a chasm. From the first session, she knew how to put the right words on a deep and violent anger, without false modesty. I even remember saying, “I’m going to leave, I’m too angry in this office.” haha She moved me forward more than anyone else. I took a lot of strength, courage to finally make real decisions. It was three years ago. Even today, I think of these sessions, which had the miracle to soften me. ? Evina, you’re great!

Francoise C.


In life, there are unexpected and happy encounters. People with whom you immediately feel at ease and who inpire confidence: empathy and love flow freely, regardless of age differences. Evina is one of those people, and I had the chance to meet her in Gabon. She comes from Greece and I from France … Evina introduced me to REIKI. She has constantly nurtured my interest in this practice, which I personally always have a little trouble doing on a regular basis, even if I see the benefits. Evina is a person who never stays on the surface of things, she digs, goes beyond, goes further. With intelligence, competence, sensitivity, clairvoyance, love. Her intuitions surprise us, but we trust her, we adhere to her, because every relationship with her is full, everyone feels supported in this universal and beneficent energy, this strange and mysterious thing that is the KI.Thanks to the distance REIKI that I received by Evina, I was recently able to overcome  a traumatic cancer diagosis with serenity and quickly recover from the operation.I know I can count on her and the REIKI to keep learning to let go in my life, which is not easy!

Amelle R.


Evina is first of all a friend. We met as volunteers to help children living in the street. Then during a visit at her place, she detected my feeling anxious, and she offered me a Reiki session. I did not know what it was, but I was confident. A priori too Cartesian to enter this world of energies. I felt a lot of benevolence and a real well being. I wanted to continue and this opened a door for me towards well being and a path of self discovery. For years I would run after time, always stressed, always busy. I would never take a minute to relax. I finally had the time and the desire to discover another way of being. I participated in 2 Reiki courses, organized by Evina, level 1 and level 2. When I take the time to do sessions myself, I always feel relaxed, benevolent, and I learn little by little, with happiness, the “letting go”. My entourage realizes it. I feel positive and more confident in myself. A path to happiness …

Lucrece N.


I was going through a difficult time with personal and professional changes that caused stress, anxiety and a lot of insecurity. When I contacted Evina I was not feeling good about myself, I felt that someone else was running my life, deciding for me. With Evina, we worked together on the issues of my life and thanks to her deep knowledge and mastery of different techniques (Reiki, coaching …) I restored the serenity and confidence in me. Similarly, thanks to the “accupressure points” she taught me to do on me every day, morning and evening, I learned to protect myself from external aggressions and people who believe to have a strength superior to mine. I would describe Evina as a very humane person with great sensitivity and quality and, at the same time, very competent at the professional level. I thank Evina and I am very grateful to her because the benefits I experienced through our work together exceeded all my expectations and they erased the bad memory I had of my first encounter with Reiki when I was young.

Louisette G.

Administration executive

I met Evina during a workshop of enneagramme and I immediately had a very good feeling with her. We saw each other for Reiki sessions when I felt that I was losing my bearings, all her sessions always calmed me down and I felt my energy levels rise. But what impressed the me most was what happened with my son-in-law who was in a state of anger all the time, against himself and the whole world, life was not worth it for him, too unfair for his taste . He accepted remote sessions with Evina and the result was immediately spectacular, he completely changed his vision of life and today he started experimenting with magnetism, he was initially absolutely hermetic to all these alternative methods. I owe a lot to Evina for all these beautiful things.

Eleni G.

Financial and Legal Consultant

I was in emotional turmoil after a professional separation when Evina encouraged me to do several Reiki sessions in a few weeks. I had previously received care from her, and I felt more and more refreshed. But there was a tsunami that hit me, I was paralyzed by stress and anguish. Being unable to take the car to go and see Evina, she offered me to do sessions remotely. The most impressive thing was that I felt was my heart slowing down (before the session it felt like I was going to have a heart attack so it was beating fast) and my belly and my stomach relaxed. I was just lying on my bed and my stress and anxieties disappeared. I could never have imagined that remote Reiki existed and that sessions could be so effective. After a month and a half, I came out of what Evina had identified as anorexia nervosa. I did not see that I had lost a lot of weight (I had reached 47 kilos for 1m62), even my husband came to take me by the hand at lunchtime to force me to eat. I forgot to feed myself … Quickly restored, I was able to reorganize my life quickly by putting an organization in place with French and European partners. Over the months, I did my level 1 and my level 2 Reiki trainings with Evina. She kept telling me that “your tools are your hands”. I feel more Zen, much less stressed, I learned to “let go”. I subsequently began coaching sessions in January 2018. I learned to express my needs, to prioritize events, and most importantly, to be in charge of my “sentimental” life. I sometimes had a tendency to complain about being misunderstood by my husband and my children, how could they understand me since I was not expressing (or expressing badly) my expectations? My teenage daughter and I got closer and I improved my relationship with my husband giving him “space” so that he manages part of our daily family life with “to-do lists” weekly, I found a balance that makes me fully happy. Evina, I have learned a lot with you, and I will never thank you enough for all that you brought to me,to  my husband, and to my children.

Amandine B

Human Resources executive

Until I met Evina I was in the fog and felt anger, I felt that I would not attain any of my life goals because I spent all my energy to be at war with others and to accumulate disappointments. I wanted a desert island. I first met Evina for my 07 year old son who became completely unmanageable, tyrannical! She immediately realized what was the main cause of his attitude and to this day she helps him regain serenity and helps us to find our place in the family. The crisis has passed. At the same time I started my Reiki sessions and from the first moment the fog dissipated, fear and anger too. I feel ready to make the decisions and make the life choices that fit me without anxiety. I know the way will be long but I will continue Reiki remotely with Evina whom I admire for her benevolence.

Aris M

High school student

Before I did my Reiki training last year, I had difficulty concentrating and organizing. Today thanks to this technique, I am more autonomous and attentive and I take the problems with more serenity, that is to say, I do not let stress take over. I do not practice Reiki every day but when the need arises, I give myself a real session of 45 minutes and things are in order. I believe that all those seeking serenity should learn Reiki. Thank you Evina for initiating me.

Ermis M.

High school student

Reiki allowed me to no longer be stressed, it taught me to stay calm and better focus. Reiki is a tool that I wish you could have because it has improved my life.

Amalia M.

home maker

Reiki came into my life through the back door! When I met Evina, she told me very quickly about her activity as a Reiki master, but by my culture, my origins and my family context (daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, niece, cousin … of doctors) all this was rather a form of quackery, so I de facto rejected her proposal for a session. Time passed and the more I knew her my admiration and confidence grew. Around us, our friends and acquaintances, common or not, were “taking the risk” and I saw them blossom. Naturally I wanted to try too, not out of necessity, but “not to die stupid”. It was my own choice. The first session was revealing, a real upheaval that made me question all my certainties and since then, Reiki has been part of my life. A sweet revolution took place in me that also encouraged my husband and my children to try too. Even my cat is adept. At each self-treatment she demands her share. Today I have the 2nd degree after doing two courses of Reiki with Evina and Reiki allows me to better listen to myself, better assume and affirm my choices, while avoiding unnecessary friction and frustration. Any problem naturally finds its solution, my natural impatience is channeled and my relationships with others are easier. I let go and I did not get lost. I found myself, I freed myself and live my life more in harmony with myself, Thank you Evina!

Yannan Li

Personal Branding strategist

Evdoxia has been my senior life coach for 3 months, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Sessions with her have been so transformational that I’ve stopped working with my therapist and my other result coach. I come to Evdoxia for various life topics. The questions I bring sometimes seem simple, but with her, we dig deeper and a wide range of deep emotions will appear – which I cannot achieve without her. Working with her has been a delightful experience, she is compassionate, professional and very competent. I’m lucky to have her as my coach, and I’ll highly recommend her to anyone for deep inner work.

Laurence C.

Computer Analyst

As a result of stress and accumulated fatigue, my blood pressure dropped. After a Reiki session, my blood pressure and energy improved considerably. I did several sessions, and then was re-initiated to Reiki level 1 by Evina. Recovering a good level of energy allowed me to overcome stress and take my life in my own hands. I also did a very interesting channeling session. It allowed me to clarify certain things. Evina is a beautiful person, attentive and caring. The tools she uses are powerful and she masters them perfectly. I highly recommend it.

Mathilda C

High school Student

At first I was skeptical about Reiki, but my mother pushed me there. Finally I went, Evina during my first session noticed that my knees were shaking. She asked me specific questions, finally she guessed that I was having anxiety attacks when I had not even broached the subject. After a few sessions my condition improved, I was less tired and more concentrated at work, my anxiety attacks became more rare. At one point she suggested  coaching, which consisted in evaluating for yourself what you felt at the social, parental, school, etc. level. I approached my fears that were going through distressing situations, and Evina was asking me existential questions. When I put a bad mark at one of these levels, she tried to understand me and find solutions. Since I had a lot of problems, she advised me to speak to a psychologist; the psychologist was there to listen to me and Evina gave me solutions. Finally, after 3 to 4 months, I was reborn, my depression, my fatigue and my fragility in my health have almost disappeared and I am completely satisfied. Thank you very much Evina !!

Adelia T

Administration executive

After two difficult years, laden with a recurring physical illness that science could not explain and that heal, I knocked on a lot of doors and had the chance to meet Evina. She immediately identified which method to apply. Thanks to a few sessions of hypno-therapy, my body and my mind were regenerated, I had answers to my questions, my illness disappeared, my deep nature was revealed to me. A year later, the disease is reinstated because new events. This time she recommended Reiki. Trusting her based on the previous care I received from her, I decided to try Reiki healing. It soothed me so much (body and mind) that I made the decision to follow her Reiki training. Subsequently, when I am faced with difficult personal life events, I know that it can soothe me, help me to see clearly. I know that I will see Evina again because she knows my deep nature beyond my actions and sayings and she will know how to guide me. Again, our discussions and the care she provided (essentially Reiki) made me stand back, calm down and strengthen / readjust my vital energy at a blazing speed, which ultimately allowed me to untie a knot in my heavy family history which had been buried, with which I thought I would live all my life! Her listening skills and the range of care she can provide are so extensive and solid that she can help anyone who really wants to take a deep look inside him. Evina, thank you. Your advice and your care have guided me and still guide me.

Hawa K.

General Director

The first coaching sessions allowed me to clarify things in all areas of my life. The methodology employed led me to examine in depth each major domain in order to explore all the contours. I was able to identify and verbalize the main issues that constitute real and imaginary obstacles to the actions and projects that I wish to carry out profoundly. An inventory being drawn up, we worked on my superficial and deep motivations (values, archetypes), my objectives, then on the strategies to put in place to operate from an action plan. I was able to name my fears, my anxieties, my real and imaginary obstacles. By deploying my weaknesses but also my skills and my strengths, I gained confidence in me so as to identify the resources to mobilize to achieve my projects and approach life in a more serene and with more confidence in me. The path is still long, but I feel better equipped to respond less easily to my automatisms of depreciation and anxiety. I learn to congratulate myself at each stage, to become aware of my high potential and above all I visualize success. My projects are in progress, already launched, I am in action. I learn to tame my fear and to differentiate the real obstacles that I am perfectly able to overcome and those that I imagine and that will never even occur. Thanks to these coaching sessions, I realized that I had always been in a process of success throughout my professional life, but without being fully aware of it. I see myself now with more kindness.

M Deligny.

Business owner

Hello, recently I had a very nice trip that allowed me to meet beautiful people. Evina isone of them, she allowed me to appease a relational conflict with my mother and to remove all it’s knots in me. thank you so much.

Maria K


During a dark period of my life, I did not know how to get out of it. The only options I saw were either madness or the lack of will to live. After a few remote Reiki sessions with Evina I started having the strength to get up from bed in the morning thanks to the anticipation of my next session. Later, when the treatment cycle was completed, I realized that not only did these sessions help me overcome this difficult time in my life, but they also provided me with a solid foundation for making big changes. in all aspects of my life, changes that I could never have imagined how they would have arrived without these sessions. Evina is talented and multi-talented. She held my hand discreetly and humbly. I continue to feel the beneficial effects of these sessions until today and it seems to me that often they give me a completely unexpected strength. Evina and the sessions that we did together are still present in my life despite the distance that separates us.

Vanessa P.

Restaurant manager

For several years I accumulated anger …. Anxieties … screams … with my children and especially with my last one, Ninon, I was in permanent conflict … our entire family suffered. . I started reiki in September for Ninon and then I started Reiki for myself … and it was like a RENAISSANCE. I learned and understood a lot about myself. My relationship with Ninon has changed … I can once again have a good time with my little girl. I feel better … relaxed. ..thanks to reiki I managed to let go … Evina made me feel reborn … she’s a sweet person … who knows how to listen to others. .. who guided me to my rebirth I recommend reiki to everyone…

Sandrine V.


Hormones of stress and anxiety had become my sources of energy following a difficult professional situation and the repressed sorrow related to the successive loss of people dear to me. Evina helped me understand and rebalance the energies through different techniques. Very beautiful person with her knowledge, skills and sensitivity. I am very grateful to you.

Catherine G.

Marketing consultant

A year and a half ago, I could not explain my physical condition. I did some Reiki sessions. These sessions allowed me to step back and identify that my physical condition was the consequence of an event that I did not even realize. Since then, I have passed my level 1 and I practice regularly, because I just feel the need.

Marlyne S.

Communications Consultant.

I went through great changes in my life, which generated a lot of anxiety and stress. Thanks to Evina and the conjunction of different techniques, I managed to channel my energy, to understand the stage of my life that I was going through and to go forward with serenity. I advise everyone to make this trip inside of you!

Manca K.

Life Coach

I met Evdoxia as a peer coach and I was very impressed by her self-awareness, awareness in general and her clear perception. She captivated me with her precise and direct articulation. After spending more time in conversations with her, witnessing her wisdom and knowledge I began wishing to be coached by her. Through the work with Evdoxia I began uncovering some issues I was not aware before and started healing them, with the help of her compassionate presence, support and also her directness when I needed it. I especially like the fact she has all those skills and areas of expertise she can choose from in any given situation. It was a channeling session that enabled me to see what needed to be healed, there were Reiki principles and steps that helped me understand how to do something, and when it’s time for hypnosis she can use that, too. My experience of Evdoxia and her work is valuable and special. I admire her sharp, quick mind, a kind heart that helps me settle and feel safe, nonjudgemental eyes that see me compassionately, with understanding and invite me to do the same. I can be me, I can share, be vulnerable and she’s there in that safe space, encouraging me, lighting the flame and holding it so I can see where to go. It’s so wonderful to experience such intuitive guidance and to witness the sensing of what I feel or need even when I might not be aware of it. It trully is a (w)holistic approach and I love it!

Eleni E.

Computer Engineer

I have known Evdoxia since I was about 10 years old, when she was my english teacher (before she became a lawyer). Apart from the fact that she was a great teacher (which, hopefully, you can tell reading this!), she has always been caring and I have always appreciated her advice. So, I wasn’t surprised at all when I learnt about her career change towards helping people using alternative methods. We did a few coaching sessions together, which resulted in profound realisations for me. I realised that life does not simply happen to me. As a concrete example of how those sessions benefited me, the dynamics of a team project I was a part of changed, as I spoke up. The team became a lot more productive and it took a lot of weight off my shoulders. Moreover, we did Reiki sessions, including distance Reiki ones. I still cannot wrap my mind around it, but it works. Reiki releases my stress and I feel it is detoxifying my body.
Working on yourself is one of the noblest things you can do for your life and for the life of those around you. You can find material online which can be extremely helpful, however, having a coach or a mentor is great because they can point you in the right direction and prevent you from getting lost in the information. Evdoxia is very insightful and she will bring to the surface the matters that need to be worked out. I definitely recommend working with her! Have a great day!

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