“Toxic people” and how to “protect” ourselves- Part 1

We often hear and read about the “toxic” people around us and I once agreed with this characterization. However, over the years I realized that putting labels on people and blaming others impedes our personal growth. When we look for culprits or scapegoats, we do not take on the responsibility for what is happening in our lives. We do not take a good look inside of us to see what we are doing wrong.

It goes without saying that this applies only to adults and that we are not responsible for what happened to us when we were children!


1) Incompatible people and inner “trinity” in conflict (thoughts, feelings and actions)

2) Realization, honesty with oneself and acceptance

3) Internal change, external change with compassion (for self and others) and liberation

Click here to see the first video of the series.

Photo by David Sola on Unsplash

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