What is Intelligent Vital Energy (i-Ki) Coaching? – Part 1

What sets me apart from other coaches is that I have developed my own method, I-KI COACHING, which combines many different techniques as well as my special gifts. Thanks to that, I offer my clients a transformation as big or as small as they are ready for.

Some have described the process as a renaissance. They were reborn!

People come to see me because they are at their wits’ end regarding their lives. They feel fatigued, fed up and just want to drop everything and run away to a faraway place where they can hide from people and responsibilities. They are so burnt-out, frustrated and disappointed that they feel there is no coming back. For some of them, the real reason behind their fatigue is the constant struggle to either harness their special gifts to their advantage, see them as a blessing instead of as a curse or hide them so as not to stand out, so as to blend in with the crowd. It takes a whole lot of effort and energy to do this. Trust me, I know. I used to be one of them…

When I see people in such a state I know that there is some energetic imbalance going on. I know that working with them without restoring that balance will take much more time and, in some cases, the risk of them falling back on their old “habits” is great.

This is why I always start with evaluating my client’s energetic state using my divining rods. I can detect if they have clarity or if they are beside themselves with an emotion.

You know, you cannot work with someone who is beside himself. You need him to be “inside” himself so, if need be, I start the session with stimulating pressure points. What might seem strange to you is that I can stimulate these pressure points both when you are onsite and when we are having the session online. I cannot get into detail here so please bear with me and trust a Reiki Master who has studied with several different Reiki Masters and Schools and has many “tools under her belt”!

I then check the energy levels. If they are too low, the person might feel fatigued and not motivated to get out of bed, let alone do anything. If they are too high, the person is hyper and fatigued from the constant tension he feels and the inability to get a good night’s reparative sleep.

Lastly, I check the energy flow, looking at the chakras and at how the energy is distributed in the body.

The chakras also give me information on the person’s physical, emotional and mental health.

After the energy check/evaluation, we either start with some Reiki sessions if we need to restore the energy balance or we go straight to Coaching or Hypnotherapy depending on the goal of each person.

To be continued…

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