Addicted to negativity? Learn how to say NO THANKS!

Do you catch yourself being attracted to negative people? Do you let them drag you into their negativity? Do you want to hear more and more and, even if you don’t, do you find it hard to just change the topic or walk away from it? Do you read horrible articles about murder, disaster etc that sensationalize the topic with lots of gory details? Do you tend to be haunted by negative thoughts of what happened or what might happen?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, continue reading. I have news for you!

Like all things, listening to negative things and thinking negatively is a habit. We grew up with it. It has always been around. It has taken the face of a dissatisfied mother complaining about the no-good father, her husband, to her kids, a father complaining about his boss, the news on TV etc.

Negativity is something you know well so you feel in your “comfort” zone when you are surrounded with it. Your mind, which by the way feels secure in situations it knows well no matter how unpleasant they might be, seeks to repeat the pattern that it knows well; negativity. 

If it’s so ingrained in you, how can you get rid of it? 

Change habits! You can’t eliminate this nasty habit unless you replace it with a new one; POSITIVITY!

As with all new habits we try to develop, it takes determination and practice.

Create situations that promote your psychological well-being. Stay away from negativity. Surround yourself with positive, good natured people who say positive things. Practice gratitude every day. This way you will train your mind to focus on the positive an before you know it, your mind will get used to positivity and it will learn to seek it. (Read my article on gratitude by clicking here)

With time, you will instinctively flee negativity, people and situations that make you feel bad and you will chase away negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones.   

Positivity can be learned and, once you learn it, it is addictive!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash


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