The necessity of exchange for sessions – For healers and not just…

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The necessity of exchange for sessions – For healers and not just…

Nothing is accidental in life, nor is the topic that I will develop today. It is time Ι wrote about the universal law that was given το με as a “directive” by my teachers. The directive that caused me to rebel against them, the directive to which I resisted and which was a source of “friction” between us. What I did not understand at the time was how my refusal to apply it was an impediment to the personal development and progress of the people who came to me for help but also to my own evolution as it was for me a cause for anger, indignation, bitterness and, as a consequence, disease.

I am talking about the universal “law of exchange”.

The inspiration came to me this morning when I landed in Cyprus on a short business trip. I started talking to a very nice young man while waiting for my rental car at the airport. When I told him what I do (for a living and/or as my mission in life), he told me that, from a very early age, he too accompanied people by showing them the positive side of life and helping them improve their lives by helping them change their way of thinking. When I asked him why he did not do it professionally, he replied, “I cannot accept money for this. The clairvoyant who told me to help people said that I had to get paid for my services but I just cannot do it. I did it for a while, but when someone needed to come back to me because his problem had not been solved and he had to pay me again, I could not be myself and help him because I felt obliged to give him something concrete. To give him a solution”.

What he said made sense to me… I knew exactly what he was talking about… I could see my younger self in him. For years, I believed that the law of exchange was purely a human law that was “drafted” for profit and for the exploitation of people in need.

For many years, my teachers tried to help me understand this law but to no avail. I could not get it. They told me that especially in the Western world and for people like us, people who have not reached the level of altruism of the great spiritual masters, exchange is necessary but I would just not listen to them. I was not alerted by the fact that people kept coming back with the same problems. That they sounded like a broken record. That I felt mental fatigue to see them perpetuating their situation. That they did not do anything to improve their lives and expected things to “magically” take a turn for the better and for others to change. That I was very angry with them because they did not do anything with the help and the advice I offered them and so on.

Until the day it hit me… The day I finally got what my teachers were talking about… The day I understood why and how the universal law of exchange works!

There must always be some form of exchange between a “donor” and a “recipient” for many reasons.

Firstly, the recipient must be actively involved in his own healing; he must invest in it. This is part of the process in every therapeutic method. When someone receives something, he too should give something in return. If a person receives free treatment, it is likely that he is not invested in it (“If it is free, it has no value”) so the healing does not occur. It is a waste of time and energy for both parties. In many cases, the exchange works as subconscious motivation for the person needing help. The amount of the “compensation” does not matter “I have paid for it; I should at least make an effort!”

Secondly, if we do not get anything in exchange, we put ourselves on a “throne.” We create the impression that we, as healers/therapists etc are superior to the person that comes to us for help, that he has nothing of value to offer us in return. We make him feel as a charity case, which, in turn “feeds” our ego and (subconscious) feelings of dislike/anger/bitterness on the part of the receiver. Our relationship may suffer because of this (energetic) imbalance, this deficit, which is created between the donor and the recipient; the recipient feels “indebted” while the donor may feel “magnanimous”…

Finally, all work deserves to be rewarded. Even if the method/technic we are using is not the result of studies for which we spent time, effort and money, even if we are using a “special gift” we did nothing to “deserve”, we still need to get something in exchange for it. Although we should know that we cannot take credit for for the healing as it as we have only facilitated it, we should receive something in exchange for the time we spent with the person facilitating their healing.

When we use the word “exchange”, most of us immediately think of money and it is perfectly natural when spending time with people facilitating their healing is our profession. Few people would think twice about it. If, however, we only do it occasionally, we should be asking for something in exchange for our time. Among the members of a family, the exchange is spontaneous, automatic and does not have to take a specific form. Of course, it depends on the relationship between you and the person at hand.

Nevertheless, for everyone else, we should agree upon a form of exchange: money, items, services, etc. If both parties are satisfied with the form and the exchange, the monetary value is not important.

While many demonize all kind of exchange and especially money as the “root of all evil”, this is a fundamental misconception of its purpose. Money is a form of energy and nothing else. In our complex world, we need a simple, mutually agreed energy transfer medium that is convenient and practical. Money allows us to represent energy in a tangible and portable way.

Energy is never “negative” or “positive”. It is always neutral. The same thing goes for money. The energy it carries is neutral and whether it gets a “negative” or a “positive” load depends on how we got it and how we use it. When it is acquired and used with integrity and in harmony with the other universal laws such as the Law of Commitment, the Law of Gratitude, etc., it can very well be used as “currency” for energy exchange.

To sum up, whenever we facilitate someone’s healing, we should think of and apply the universal law of exchange.

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