Our values and how they shape our lives

Values are the principles we live by which, in turn, dictate …

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Spirituality and Spiritual Living

I have been meaning to write about what spirituality means to …

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What you should expect from a therapeutic channeling session

Therapeutic channeling is not fortune telling. Don’t expect to hear what will …

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Channeling* one’s higher self – How to gain direct access to your inner wisdom

Make sense of your life, find your life purpose and get …

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How to let go of expectations

Expectations can be a cause of anger, frustration and disappointment. Learn …

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Awakening or awakened?

The story of my spiritual awakening A couple of months ago, …

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The “death” of expectations and the “birth” of unconditional love

How life coaching can lead to (spiritual) awakening Today’s blog is …

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Overthinking, imaginary dialogues and the jack

This week I come back with a story that illustrates an …

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Do you feel the need to help others? Here are the 5 steps for effectively doing so

Often a time, friends or relatives call or meet us to …

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Time alone does NOT heal all wounds

Despite the very popular saying, time alone does NOT heal all …

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The power of the subconscious mind and how to use it to our advantage

Many people wonder why they cannot stop a harmful habit or …

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Imaginary dead-ends, the law of endless possibilities and the “What happens next?” method

Often a time, people find themselves in very unpleasant, sometimes dangerous …

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